San Francisco thinks Las Vegas Is More GAY!!

My friend from San Francisco just email me a link to an article in San Francisco Gate newspaper talking  about how Las Vegas has surpassed San Francisco as a gay and lesbian destination.   My eye brows raised at reading that statement.   It was a nice article though.  Here’s an excerpt:

Las Vegas, in fact, now outranks San Francisco as a destination for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender vacationers. It ranks second to New York and ahead of San Francisco in the latest Gay & Lesbian Tourism Study, conducted each year by Community Marketing Inc., a San Francisco research firm.

If you’d like to see the full article, click here.

Glad to know we’re more accepting than I thought.


Client Testimonials for Felipe Crook

Here are what some of my clients had to say about working with me.
“Felipe made what could have been a tedious process, fun and enjoyable.
He took the time to get to know me, really understand my needs, and find
my perfect home in the perfect location.  Felipe’s knowledge of the
market and ability to effectively negotiate resulted in a bonus of over
$40,000 in addition to the generous incentives already offered by the
builder.  Wow!  I would highly recommend Felipe to friends and family
for their future real estate needs.

Tate South

“My partner and I purchased a very nice home in Las Vegas and Felipe Crook was instrumental in helping us find this home.  In a matter of few days after we began looking, Felipe found us the home that we were looking for.  He was patient and understanding of our needs and very knowledgeable of the area that we wished to live in.  We will definitely call upon him again for any of our future real estate needs.”

K. Gray

I would love to add more client testimonials to this blog. If you’re looking for a real estate agent who is professional, courteous, and attentive,  please give me a call toll free at 866-589-1646 or email me at I look forward to working with you!

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Is Vegas Gay Friendly?

I’ve been working with a few gay couples moving in from out of state. It’s been very fun meeting new people and showing them the ropes of Las Vegas. One of the ideas I am trying to live by right now is “You get what you look for.” My business coach talked aboutGay Realtor Las Vegas Gay Realtor Las Vegasan experiment with this type of thinking. He sent two men out in the streets of Manhattan. The first man was told to pick up as much spare change as possible from anywhere in Manhattan. The second man was asked to find as many animals as possible. They were asked to return in 8 hours. The first man found $75.31. The second man found 122 kinds of animals. Then the first man was asked “While you were out, how many animals did you see?”He replied “Zero.” The other man was asked how much money he saw on the ground and he replied “Zero.” So the lesson of this experiment is go to Manhattan if you’re poor. 🙂 Just kidding, the real lesson is to be very intentional on what you’re focusing. If you are constantly saying how there are freaky people who only like to booze and gamble, guess what you’re going to find? Same thing with finding acceptance from the straight community. If you expect that people are going to treat you like crap Human Rights Campaignbecause you’re gay, they will. It’s amazing how the slightest shift in mentality can have monumental results. I have not had any issues with people regarding my gayness. I think Las Vegas is friendly. It’s no San Francisco, but we have our fair share of acceptance. If you’d like to help gay rights, come to a Human Rights Campaign social every third Thursday of the month. I’ll keep you posted when the next meeting is.

Remember, thoughts create our reality.

Gay Realtor in Las Vegas

Gay Real Estate Agent NevadaIf you’re looking for a professional real estate agent in the Las Vegas Valley, look no further.  My name is Felipe Crook from Prudential Americana Group Realtors in Las Vegas.  I’ve been licensed for 5 years and have sold over $15,000,000 in real estate.   I work with all clients, from first time home buyers to luxury high rises.  I am familiar with all of the local gay life and organizations.  I’m proud to say 50% of my clients are gay so more than likelyecertified Gay Realtor las vegas Felipe Crook I’ll be able to introduce you to some of your gay neighbors.  I am relocation certified, E-certified, a Fine Home Specialist, and fun to be around. 🙂 I really love helping people find a great home, and saving my clients lots of money.  I’m in the process of getting my Certified International Property Specialist designation from the National Association of Realtors which will allow me to facilitate foreign investors and second home buyers.   I speak French and Portuguese, and LOVE Gay Las Vegas Realtorto travel.  If you would like a free relocation package, or if you’d like me to do a specific search for a property, email me at or call me directly at 702-683-2169.   You can also visit my website at Http://

Happy House Hunting!!!

Country Western Gay Bar Las Vegas

Gay Las Vegas Country Western BarCharlie’s is the country western gay bar here in Las Vegas.  My partner and I love to go dancing  so that’s the place we go.  On Thursdays they have line dance lessons for those of you who’d like to learn, but  don’t want to embarrass yourselves too much.  That goes on from 7-9pm.  Then they do 4 or 5 lines dances at the top of every hour so you can practice  what you just learned.  This is a fun local bar.  Not a lot of attitude, nice people for the most part, and you will usually see the same faces, so if you’re a tourist beware: you’re fresh meat.

The best time to go to Charlie’s is on Sunday’s for their beer bust. The bust last  from 4-7pm and cost $10 for all the beer you can drink in that time frame.  It’s really busy and very fun.  It usually keeps going til 10pm.  At 9pm the drag show starts.   It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy the whole sexy cowboy look. 🙂

Gay Las Vegas

Gay Ghetto In Las Vegas?

Every time I meet a new client who wants to work with a gay real estate agent in Las Vegas, the first question they ask me is “Where are the gay areas here?

Gay Street Las Vegas

I think about it for a moment, and I have to say there aren’t any clear cut “gay real estate areas” here in Las Vegas. It made me wonder why? Is it because being gay has become so much more accepted that we don’t need to ghetto ourselves? Could it be that we are so much more comfortable that we feel we can live anywhere? Or is Las Vegas such a conservative little town that a gay area was never really acceptable to the straight people here? It could be a little of all three, but what I end up telling my clients is that there are gay people all across the Las Vegas Valley. I have literally helped gay clients buy properties from the west side to the east side, north to the south. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If being around other gay people is very important, there is an area near Maryland Parkway and Franklin Ave that has a few gay home owners(that I’m friends with, but there are a lot of gays I’ve never met). Map of S Maryland Pkwy & Franklin Ave Las Vegas, NV 89101, US This area has been under going aGay Las Vegas gentrification process 5 years in the making, and you’re starting to notice a difference. This is not where you’re going to find your Banana Republic and Prada. It’s not in a master planned community, but the appeal to many people is the character of the homes in this area. They are not little boxes that look just like your neighbors. Also, there are homes with a lot more land in this area than other parts of town. Most of the homes were built in the 50-60’s era so they are ripe for a remodel and you know how we gays love to remodel. 🙂

I have friends and clients who purchased in or near Summerlin. Visit Summelin’s Website and click on Tour and they’ll show you a map of how big it it. I personally Summerlinlive near this area in an older home that my partner and I have been renovating for the last two years. I love this area. It’s close to freeway access, great shops (Boca Park and Pavillion Center), and it’s pretty. If being in a very pretty community where associations maintain landscaping and “govern” the area, Summerlin is a wonderful location. Homes here are more expensive than in other areas, but you’re paying for the look and feel of the area. There’s no gentrification needed here. Summerlin is about 15 years old at the oldest, and brand new homes are still being built as I write this post. It’s fairly accessible depending on where in Summerlin you are, but if you work on the strip it’s a good 20 minutes to work. Since they have expanded and finished construction on I-95, the traffic on this highway has loosened up dramatically. THANK GOD!

You can also find a lot of my gay friends in an area called Silverado Ranch. Map of Stone Canyon Silverado South:702-492-6251 10193 Tree Creek Ct Las Vegas, NV 89183, US It’s not as big as Summerlin, but it’s a very popular area with every kind of store and restaurant you could need. This area was built in the 90’s and there are all kinds ofLas Vegas Athletic Club Silverado Ranch properties here too! Some gated neighborhoods, some not gated, entry level to high end. It’s at the base of the hill of Anthem and Seven Hills area. It’s accessible from the 215 beltway and Eastern. There is a huge Las Vegas Fitness Club right at that intersection so you can’t miss it. There are lots of shops over there like NORSTROM RACK, and my favorite cake place called Nothing Bundt Cake. There’s also a Target Greatland, Lowes, and your typical restaurants.

Like I said before, there are gay people living all over town.  What I am good at, is listening to your needs and showing you the optionsNevada Real Estate Agent Gay!  Each person is different, and finding the perfect match for your needs while negotiating great terms is my specialty.  If you’d like a FREE RELOCATION GUIDE, or a customized property search, give me a call directly at 702-683-2169 or you can email me at

Happy Gay House Hunting!

Felipe Crook