Master Planned Communities

What is a master plan community? Basically it’s where a Developer will purchase a large portion of land in a specific area and every aspect of the area is pre-planned. Residential areas, commercial areas, common areas, and parks are all designed to be a certain way. A good thing about these communities is that they usually maintain the integrity of the area byGreen Houses making sure owners are following the rules of the community. The bad thing about master planned communities is the restrictions placed on your property. You most likely won’t be able to paint your house that lovely shade of green.

A Couple of communities in Las Vegas that I’ll be discussing are Mountains Edge, Summerlin, Anthem,  and Aliente.  There are a bunch of other communities that are worth mention. Obviously, if my client’s are qualified, I’ll show them a property in ANY area.  The latest clients I’ve helped have bought a property in Mountain’s Edge.  KB Homes, is offering some great deals on some of their standing inventory.  Mountain’s Edge, is a great area in the southwest of Las Vegas.  There are all kinds of builders in this community, Pardee, KB, Pulte, Woodsides, Warmington, just to name a few.  I’ll be adding posts for each of these areas.  If you have any questions, please email me at or check out my website: