Boca Park Las Vegas

Boca Park is a great shopping area in Las Vegas. I love living so close to it because it has everything I could need. Just to give you a few of the stores in the shopping park:

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Fabulous Gay Food at PF CHANG’

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This area is where a lot of fun, active people go to shop and socialize. There are a few great restaurants in this area, one of them is Kona Grill. They have a Asian Fusion Menu, with Sushi, Pizza, great appetizers, and a great happy hour. They also have a reverse happy hour from 10-Midnight for those late night cravings you might have.

Just north of the Great Indoors is a project I am so excited about. It’s called the Village at Queensridge. How appropriate huh? 🙂 This is from the developer of QueensridgeOne Queens Ridge Place which are the first high rise towers in the Suburbs of Las Vegas. Properties here are absolutely stunning, and so are the price tags. You won’t be able to get into one of these condo’s for less than $1.4 Million. In order to appeal to these high end residents, the developer is building more high end retail, supposedly a Ferrari Dealership, and my favorite a FARMER’S MARKET!!! We don’t really have a farmer’s market in Las Vegas, so this will be a great addition to our city.

This area is full of excitement and energy and there are plenty of homes near this area. It offers great access to the Summerlin Pkwy, I-95, and the 215 beltway. If you’d interested in seeing homes in this area, please email me at

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Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is see the fountains at the Bellagio.


  1. There are a bunch of different songs that the fountains dance with, including, my favorite, “Time to Say Goodbye” with Sarah Brightman and Andre Bocelli.  It’s so romantic and grand.  The climax is HUGE and very exciting.I love taking a hike at Red Rock National Park.

Red Rock

  • Taking a Hike at Red Rock Canyon is great. It’s the perfect time of year to go hiking. Getting to Red Rock is quick from Las Vegas.  From the west side of the city, it’ll take you anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  There are lots of great trails available for hikes.

Lake Mead

  • Going to Lake Mead to Water Ski and Inner tube! I have a friend who owns a boat and occasionally we’ll head out and enjoy the Lake.  If you look the picture, all the white part on the mountain is where the water level USED to be at.  We’ve use more water in the last 20 years, then we have in the last 70 years.  We have to conserve our water.  I wrote about the “green movement” in my other blog.


  • Mt. Charleston is a “cool” place to visit during the hot summers.  Also, it a short drive to get to see show in the winter time.  There are also some hiking trails up there, plus a few places to stay at the lodges.  Very pretty.

  See! There are other things to do in and around Las Vegas that don’t involve the strip or a casino.



Las Vegas Vacation Packages

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The Venetian BellagioMandalay bay

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First Friday Las Vegas: Art Destrict

A tradition that is growing and growing in Las Vegas is First Fridays. This is how First Fridaystheir website describes them:first-fridays-2.JPG

FIRST FRIDAY is a stage for local galleries and Las Vegas’ vital Downtown cultural scene. It’s a place to meet friends new and old, and rejoice in the preservation and innovation of an historical neighborhood. In this land of suburbs and strip malls, visitors come from near and far to people-watch, sample new restaurants and revel at area bars.

I have been four or five times, and there’s always something interesting at this festival. The city of Las Vegas has been pouring TONS of money into this newport-lofts.jpgSoho Lofts“revitalization” area. Some examples of that are two new high rise projects, Soho Lofts, and Newport lofts. These are going to be the first of many to come over the next 5-10 years. They’re predicting this area to be similar to the gas lamp district in San Diego. THAT would be amazing, but we have a little ways to go to get there. The area still needs a lot of gentrification, but it’s starting to change.

If you get a chance to go to First Friday, I would definitely take the opportunity. You’ll see interesting things, and the environment is gay friendly. In fact, there is a dive of a gay bar right around the corner called Snicks. Just remember it’s a DIVE, but fun. 🙂 Send me pictures of YOUR first friday.


Culture in Las Vegas?

I just got back from San Francisco this weekend.  What a beautiful city San Fran is.  It makes me think about how Las Vegas is developing as a city.  We have just over 1.8 million people in Las Vegas.  Most of that population has come here in the last 10 years.  I kind of think of Las Vegas as a little town, on the edge of becoming a major metropolis.  We’re building a major performing arts complex in the center of town, right next to the Outlet mall.  It’s a very good sign of the times.  More projects that enable a community to celebrate culture, enables communities to grow stronger and more loyal to this city.  It all starts with each of our efforts, support the arts!