Convert to Desert Landscaping-REBATE!

Gay Las Vegas Realtor
I’m sure most of you know we are in a huge drought. If you didn’t, you can not claim ignorance is bliss because our current consumption of natural resources is unsustainable. So in my effort to be more green this year, I’m including tips for local home owners to help keep money in their pockets AND help our planet.

Get off your grass, we’ll pay you cash!!

This is Southern Nevada Water Authority’s slogan for their rebate program. Any home owner who would like to convert their grass into desert landscaping during 2008 is eligible to receive a rebate of $1.50 per/sq ft, no matter how big the conversion!!

For those with large lawn areas, this is the most significant incentive offered by the SNWA. A Conversion of 5,000 sw ft can earn a $7,500 rebate while the average 1,500 sq ft conversion rebate is $2,250! For those of you who do your own landscaping this is a HUGE amount of money. One of the quickest ways to improve the overall aesthetic of a home is curb appeal. It’s the cheapest, fastest way to increase value and an overall perception of a property. People won’t even look at a house if it looks like a dump from the outside, right? My goal when I’m selling a house is to make sure people want to go inside and yards are the first impression, so make it a good one. If you need recommendations for a good landscaper, please drop me a note with your name and number and I’ll get a qualified, licensed Landscaper to call you.

How do you apply for the rebate?

1) Check In: Apply quickly and easily at Http:// or call 702-258-SAVE and they will mail you an application. SNWA staff must review the lawn areas you’re replacing before you make changes to your landscaping. ***Make sure you set up an appointment for this initial inspection!!!*****

2) Dig In. Replace some of all of you lawn. You can take up to six months.

3) Cash In. After you upgrade, they will review your landscape and send your rebate check promptly.

See how easy that is?

Remember, when we’re trying to affect change it’s not the big actions of the few, but the small actions of the many. Do your part in protecting our future and the next generation’s future. After all, Green is the new Black!International Real Estate