Las Vegas Vacation Packages

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The Venetian BellagioMandalay bay

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Gay Hotel Las Vegas

Pool at the blue moonWell, boys and girls, there aren’t too many gay hotels around the city. There is a newly renovated hotel called the BLUE MOON. In the summer time they have T-dances on sundays, which can be a lot of fun. It’s a little expensive for me, but if you want to be comfortable being gay at the pool, then here’s a great place to do it. It is clothing optional, so if you don’t like seeing naked people, I would go somewhere else. It’s near Sahara and the I-15. Close enough for a quick cab ride to most of the gay bars, and the Strip.

Another major Hotel/Casino is also trying to make the gays feel welcome: The New York New York. While this hotel is 90% straight, you will see a lot more gay people here than in some other casinos. This hotel is trying to capture an untapped market of gay travelers. We have all the money and no kids right? Actually, some of my friends are starting to adopt kids…it’s pretty cool. Anyway, bring your new baby along.