Felipe Crook

My name is Felipe Crook. I’m a Realtor in Las Vegas.  I moved to las Vegas to open the original cast of Mamma Mia the musical at the Mandalay Bay.  It was such a wonderful experience getting to perform for over million people.  I am still shocked at that number.  Because I had my days free while doing the show, I decided to look for an investment property to purchase.  I had read almost all of Robert Kiyosaki books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad-which I would recommend to anyone.   The Rich Dad website has a list of all his book and coaching and games that can help you achieve financial independence. Anyway, I read that book and the primary source of his wealth came from Real Estate.  At 24 I decided I would buy an investment property.  I started driving around town looking at “cheap” houses called on a sign and was connected to a buyer’s agent. He showed me 4 properties and pressured me into buying, excuse my language, a “dump.”   I was SOOOOO naive and clueless.  He did not explain the process, in fact, he told me things that were blatantly illegal.  I had no idea and he capitalized on that in order to get a quick commission and move on to the next sucker.  After I closed on the property, I immediately started getting repair calls on the property.  My Realtor told me I didn’t need to get an inspection because it was already inspected by section 8.  What Realtor in their right mind would EVER say that to a client?  Well, after that experience, I decided to get my own license and cut out the middle man.  I was so angry that he used my naivety for a quick buck that I vowed to never, EVER treat a client that way.  That’s how I run my business now. I treat a client’s money like it’s my own money. I tell them the pros…AND the cons.  Sometimes I lose a sale because of my honesty, but I’d rather be honest than have someone feel the way I felt.  50% of my business comes from the Gay and Lesbian community as I am gay myself.  If you are specifically looking to work with a gay real estate agent, or would like to refer someone to a gay agent, please give me a call.  I give the same level of service to anyone, gay, straight, black, white, purple…It doesn’t matter to me.  I believe in Real estate as a tool for wealth and as a means of empowerment.  Owning property is the American Dream, and I still love seeing people’s faces when they sign the papers for their first home.  It’s a great feeling. Best of luck with all your endeavors.

Felipe Crook

Felipe Crook


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