Overcoming Fear

I’ve been re-reading this amazing book called The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. It’s an incredible book along the same lines as THE SECRET except I feel that this book is a little more structured than the secret.Fear It was first published in 1963 almost 50 years before The Secret. One of the chapters I read this morning was about overcoming fear. I think fear is one of th most debilitating emotions a person can experience. It was been the cause of failures, sickness, and unhappiness. Now, you can’t just stop feeling fear, but you can start making a mental shift in your thoughts. One key aspect to overcoming fear, is understanding the law of fear:

With every fear brings a desire for the opposite of the thing feared.

Think of your fear as a coin. One side of it has all of the negative, horrible feelings that incapacitate you. On the other side of the coin, lies your desired outcome and the peace you seek. It’s so yin-yang. So instead of placing the coin with the fear face up, focus on the other side with the desire for the opposite. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what you want and what you don’t want. It only attracts into your life what you think about! PERIOD. So if you’re focusing on the object of your fear, the universe is going to deliver that to you.


Using affirmations to help nudge your subconscious mind into the right frame of mind is a wonderful way to overcome fear. It’s a little corny if you’ve never done it, but I have been using them for the last nine months and I’ve personally seen a HUGE benefit from them. You must be in a quiet state of mind, with no distractions, and state the desired outcome. Here’s an example:

It trust the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind to guide me on my path to success and prosperity. I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be rich, happy, and successful. Money flows to me freely and endlessly. I am forever conscious of my true wealth. I give freely of my talents.

Look for the light If you repeat an affirmation like this, two or three times a day, you will begin to experience amazing results. Say the affirmation with good feelings and expect it to happen. Anytime you start to have doubt, go back to your affirmation. Repeat it over and over. Your subconscious has no choice but to listen to your words and your thoughts.  Seek the light you desire, not the darkness that creeps into your life. The outer vision MUST match the inner vision. That’s a law. Make sure your inner vision is something you want.

Happy Manifesting!


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