Is Vegas Gay Friendly?

I’ve been working with a few gay couples moving in from out of state. It’s been very fun meeting new people and showing them the ropes of Las Vegas. One of the ideas I am trying to live by right now is “You get what you look for.” My business coach talked aboutGay Realtor Las Vegas Gay Realtor Las Vegasan experiment with this type of thinking. He sent two men out in the streets of Manhattan. The first man was told to pick up as much spare change as possible from anywhere in Manhattan. The second man was asked to find as many animals as possible. They were asked to return in 8 hours. The first man found $75.31. The second man found 122 kinds of animals. Then the first man was asked “While you were out, how many animals did you see?”He replied “Zero.” The other man was asked how much money he saw on the ground and he replied “Zero.” So the lesson of this experiment is go to Manhattan if you’re poor. 🙂 Just kidding, the real lesson is to be very intentional on what you’re focusing. If you are constantly saying how there are freaky people who only like to booze and gamble, guess what you’re going to find? Same thing with finding acceptance from the straight community. If you expect that people are going to treat you like crap Human Rights Campaignbecause you’re gay, they will. It’s amazing how the slightest shift in mentality can have monumental results. I have not had any issues with people regarding my gayness. I think Las Vegas is friendly. It’s no San Francisco, but we have our fair share of acceptance. If you’d like to help gay rights, come to a Human Rights Campaign social every third Thursday of the month. I’ll keep you posted when the next meeting is.

Remember, thoughts create our reality.


4 Responses to “Is Vegas Gay Friendly?”

  1. Says:

    That reminds me of “the secret”! (without being annoying with it) But that s true, focus on the good, and good things happen!

  2. Felipe Says:

    Yeah. I’ve been reading some amazing books about the law of attraction. The latest book is called The Power of the Subconscious Mind. It’s quite remarkable and originally written in the 70’s! The law of attraction has been around forever, but The Secret made it commercial and accessible. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  3. Uncle Jack (Jack LeVine) Says:

    I’ve been a “gay realtor” for 18 years. I out myself in the first meeting to everyone. Vegas is INCREDIBLY accepting.

    Great blog Filipe, keep up the good work.

  4. Lynn Robertson Says:

    Hi Filipe,

    Great blog!

    I am a real estate owner and lesbian who enjoys the freedoms that Seattle’s diverse and accepting culture provides. Even though Seattle has a large openly gay community, there are always intolerant individuals who become exceptions to the rule.

    I see Vegas as being accepting of most anything and everyone. My experiences their have been great and I know many gay couples who live their. The only negative experiences they have ever described have been from people visiting Las Vegas. I guess that has to be expected when you are a popular world-wide destination.

    In my business I cater to both gay and straight client’s and have web sites geared towards attracting both groups. I generally never out myself, but if asked I will always tell the truth.

    For me, I do not want you to choose my company because we are gay-owned or gay-friendly, I want you to choose my company because we are the best real estate agency in Seattle.

    Keep up the great work Filipe!

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