Luxury Homes of Las Vegas

Gay Real estate Agent Las VegasI have started an additional blog specifically about the luxury home market in Las Vegas. If you’d like to visit it go to: Http:// 

I started that blog specifically as a resource for everything luxury in Las Vegas. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to view many fine homes and high rise projects that I felt it would be a benefit to all my clients. I’ve started a Las Vegas High Rise Series where I will discuss all of the high rise projects happening in Las Vegas. There have been so many projects that have come and gone, and they didn’t even buy me dinner. 😦

The latest post was about Veer Towers in City Center. The $7.8Gay Realtor Las Vegas Billion project by MGM MIRAGE in between Bellagio and Monte Carlo. It’s quite impressive! If you’d like more information on it click on the picture to the right and you’ll be connected to all you need. If you’d like brochures on any high rise project, please email me at or call me directly at 702-683-2169.


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