Top 5 Remodeling Projects

2008: What’s Coming
Green Anything: Can’t you tell how the idea of being “GREEN” has finally reached the boiling point? Thank God people are starting to realize how finite our resources are. So logically the best place to start being more green is in our homes. Senator Obama lastFelipe Crook Realtor Las Vegas night in the presidential debate said something that I totally agreed with last night, he said “The first place we can make the biggest impact the quickest is in our consumption of energy and goods.” Wow, finally someone in charge says what the public needs to hear. LESS IS MORE!! Energy efficiency is the new black; Prius, the new Lexus. It’s interesting that green’s popularity appears to be driven by economics, not by the environment. No big deal to environmentalists, they win either way, but homeowners are winning on their electric bills by opting for ENERGY STAR appliances, high-efficiency windows, whole house fans, solar panels, and anything that reduces resource consumption. It’s here to stay.

Cutting Edge Appliances: I just replaced my old washer and dryer for a new front Gay Real Estate Agent Nevadaloading, energy efficient washer/dryer. I am amazed at how little water is used but my clothes are very fresh and clean. Using a GAS dryer instead of electric also dries your clothes faster with less energy. From dishwasher drawers to refrigerators, everyone seems to be interested in space-aged appliances that only seem likely in James Bond films. Lift ovens can drop down and rise up so you don’t have to bend over with heavy dishes. Steam-assist ovens utilize steam to heat and produce healthier, juicier foods. Computerized refrigerators have a screen right in the door where you can access the internet, check email, and bring up stored recipes. These little gems just made kitchens that much better. And everybody wants one.

Outdoor Kitchens: A popular trend from Texas across the Southwest desert, this warm climate addition has fully caught on in other climates. I’m seeing this trend more and more in the houses I show, and the right combination of style and functGay Las Vegas Realtorionality are a huge selling point for sellers! The perfect addition for those who like to entertain and enjoy the outdoors, these projects can be as extensive or stripped-down as space or budget allows. Most choose to fully equip theirs with a fridge, sink, garbage disposal, and of course, the centerpiece, the grill.

Home Theaters: I LOVE big screen tv’s. They have become so sleek and sexy, and the Gay Las Vegaspicture quality you can have on your television is incredible. Just walk into a Best Buy and see how prices have come down dramatically while the quality has increased. The home movie viewing experience has reached new levels, and the reason these remodels are so popular is simply because the technology has caught up with the demand. Factor in that the average gamer is in his mid-30s, and the home theater almost becomes the new den or rec room in today’s homes.

Desert Landscaping:  Now, this trend is happening more so in Las Vegas as more aReal estate agent in Nevada who is gaynd more residents are trying to save money on their electric bills and become more environmentally conscious.  So many people think of rocks and a bush when talking about desert landscaping, but the possibilities for beautiful blooming flowers and trees are amazing. The water requirements are MUCH less making your water bill a little easier to swallow.  Las Vegas does have some of the cheapest water in the nation, but that’s no reason to waste it!  Desert landscaping has come a long way for those owners with discerning tastes. I have worked with a few landscapers who I trust and who design great yards for my clients. If you need a recommendation for a trades person let me know.

I am constantly working with trades people and my clients all the time. I have a good group of contractors who I trust.  If you need a painter, roofer, landscaper, tiler, chimney sweeper, please give me a call and I’d be happy to connect you to the right service provider.

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