Country Western Gay Bar Las Vegas

Gay Las Vegas Country Western BarCharlie’s is the country western gay bar here in Las Vegas.  My partner and I love to go dancing  so that’s the place we go.  On Thursdays they have line dance lessons for those of you who’d like to learn, but  don’t want to embarrass yourselves too much.  That goes on from 7-9pm.  Then they do 4 or 5 lines dances at the top of every hour so you can practice  what you just learned.  This is a fun local bar.  Not a lot of attitude, nice people for the most part, and you will usually see the same faces, so if you’re a tourist beware: you’re fresh meat.

The best time to go to Charlie’s is on Sunday’s for their beer bust. The bust last  from 4-7pm and cost $10 for all the beer you can drink in that time frame.  It’s really busy and very fun.  It usually keeps going til 10pm.  At 9pm the drag show starts.   It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy the whole sexy cowboy look. 🙂

Gay Las Vegas


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