Gay Real Estate Agent Nevada

Gay Real Estate Agent Nevada

My name is Felipe Crook. I’m a gay real estate agent in Las Vegas Nevada. I’ve been inGay Real Estate Agent Nevada real estate for five years, but very interested in real estate for 10 years Gay Real Estate Agent Nevadasince reading the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books. I work with all clients, from first time home buyer’s to luxury buyer’s and seller’s. I would have to say fifty percent of my clients are gay. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to be gay for me to help you, but gay friendly is expected. 🙂 I enjoy negotiating the best deals for my clients and in this market, I’ve been able to get some killer deals for them.

IfGay Real Estate Agent Nevada you’re unfamiliar with what has happened in the last five years here in the Vegas valley, we experienced a HUGE amount of appreciation from 2002-2004, and part of 2005. It was the “perfect storm” of real estate. We had over 6,000 people moving here a month, only 2,000 properties on the market, and interest rates were at historic lows. I had clients who were biding $25,000 over market value to just get into a house. It was horrible for buyers, but amazing for sellers. My first two listings sold in 8 hours…..yes, HOURS. It was crazy. Everyone and their brother was getting into Nevada Gay Agent for Real Estatereal estate which wasn’t great for the profession as you didn’t need a lot of skills to sell a house. That time period forced homes and greedy sellers to keep raising their prices, in some areas as much as 50% in less than two years. Appreciation on that scale is ultimately why we are experiencing the market we are in right now. Investors from California flooded the market in the hopes of making a quick buck, and once properties weren’t selling as quick, they started putting them on the market and trying to flip them. This huge influx of new inventory shifted the market in favor of buyers more and more. Currently, there are over 20,000 single family residences on the market, and over 4,000 condo/townhouses, not to mention new home sales!! With the market shifting so dramatically, Realtors who don’t have professional skills of running a business are leaving the real estate in droves. I’m very proud to say that my team and I have increased our business by 40% from 2006. I’m a littleReal estate agent in Nevada who is gay shocked considering the market, but I have to attribute a lot of my success to my business coach Laura Sanano-Hawkins at Buffini and Company. They are the largest coaching company in the nation and with good reason too! She has guided me on the path to success by ensuring I run my business, well…like a business. It can be very easy for real estate agents to just drift along because you have no boss, but my coach has kept me grounded in serving my clients to the best of my ability and to hone my skills as a professional real estate agent. Over 50% of my business is done by referrals, so Certified International Property Specialistexcellence is a minimum. In 2008, my goal is to expand my business internationally by getting my Certified International Property Specialist Designation. I would very much enjoy helping you, your family, and friends with all of your real estate needs. For me, working with an agent who was gay put me at ease and I hope to do the same for you. Besides, who else are you going to get fabulous decorating ideas from?! 🙂

If you would like a customized search for properties with your search criteria, please email me at, call me at 702-683-2169 directly, or start your search on my website at

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Felipe Crook


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