Zumanity Las Vegas

silks.jpgDid everyone hear about the performer who fell 25 feet from silk fabric during a performance of ZUMANITY?  This picture is not the performer, but it give you an idea of what I’m talking about.   Apparently, it was a man and a woman who fell.  The woman is still in the hospital with pretty bad injuries, but the man was released.  Having been a actor, and knowing a LOT of cirque performers, hearing this is so sad.  These acrobats work their BUTT off, and rehearse ALL the time.  I sold a house to a performer who worked in Zumanity and their rehearsals were constant.  Safety is their numberzumanity.jpg one priority, but sometimes things happen out of their control.  Poor guys.

I’m not sure if they cancel performances, probably not, because these shows are money makers.  If you get a chance, I would definitely take a look at this show. It’s different then most Cirque shows.  I think it’s sexy, my partner thought it was pretty good.  My favorite moment was the glass bowl to the right.  Whoa…sexy girls in a giant fish bowl on stage.  They were amazing.

I’ve seen most of the cirque shows, so if you have any questions, email me at Felipe@felipecrook.com

Happy Show watching!


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