Foreclosures in Las Vegas Nevada

Yes, if you’re alive you’ve heard about the real estate  market in Las Vegas. We are leading the nation in Foreclosures.  I want to give everyone some perspective.  There are over 460,000 Houses in the Las Vegas Valley.  We currently have about 30,000 houses on the market.  That’s not even 10% of the total homes.  Out of that 30,000, there are almost 4,000 short sales or Pre-foreclosure properties.   That is a lot of homes that need to be sold before we’ll see a pick up in the market.   Actually, there are only about 8% of homes selling right now.  WHOA.  That number is not very big, however houses are STILL selling.  People still need a place to live.


Most of the people I talk to today are nervous about purchasing in this market because they’re afraid prices will decline.  That is a possibility.  But let me remind you, if you don’t sell, you won’t lose money.  People who are purchasing properties right now, need to know that they should hold on to their property for at least three to five years.  Because only 8% of properties are selling, I am able to negotiate some fantastic deals below market.  When we negotiate below market, even if the property does decline in value, you shouldn’t be upside down on your loan.  This is the precise reason you need a strong negotiator  on your behalf.  I’ve found the majority of good deals are actually new homes because the builders have the ability to throw in incredible incentives unlike a resale owner.   I have access to all properties on the market.  If you’d like to search for homes in Las Vegas, visit my website, or contact me directly at 702-683-2169 and I’ll set up a customizable search for EXACTLY what you’re looking for.  Happy shopping




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