Desperate Housewives

I couldn’t have a Gay Realtor Blog withoutdeperate-housewives.jpg some mention of Desperate Housewives. I know, it’s so cliche that a gay man watches this show, but there are some wonderful moments in the last episode. PLUS, they have a nice cute gay couple on the show now. YEA! Gays in the spotlight. Good. We need some more representation in the media today. Since Will and Grace left, what are we to do? 🙂

One particularly strong moment I REALLY enjoyed was Lynette with a shot gun trying to kill a possum that was infiltrating their garden.  Lynette was a little over the top, but when Tom confronted her about being over board,  you could see that it wasn’t about the possum.  She went overboard because that was one thing she could control or get rid of.  Felicity Hoffman is a brilliant actress! You could see her inner struggle with a disease she had no control over.  It was an absolutely incredible scene.  I’m so glad that she’s on that show.

Who really has control anyway?  It’s such a big issue for me that I’ve been having to work on.  I like being in control, but all of that stress that accompanies being in control is hard to deal with all the time.  But, I’m learning to love what I can not control because that’s the reality of life.  Things happen you have no control over and you can choose to fight against reality or flow with life.  The latter choice sounds so much easier.


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