New home Builders offer Incentives

We, my real estate partner and I, just got a client into a brand new Home in the Vistas, in Summerlin, for a substantial discount! We were able toHouse negotiate $95,000 off of the list price, plus appliances. The deals that are out there right now folks are INCREDIBLE. If you’re in the market to buy a home right now, you should definitely look at new homes. When a builder has what’s called Standing inventory, homes that are built and housedrawinf.jpegvacant with no contracts on it, they are VERY motivated to sell them quickly. Why? If the builders don’t sell them, they won’t be able to obtain new financing for the rest of their community. THAT could put a snag into their business plan huh? Unfortunately, the resale market can’t compete with a builder which is causing this cycle of increased inventory of properties in Las Vegas. However, it’s heaven for a buyer right now. A buyer can dictate terms like they haven’t been able to in years. If you’d like more information about other standing inventory properties email me at or call direct at 702-683-2169


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