First Friday Las Vegas: Art Destrict

A tradition that is growing and growing in Las Vegas is First Fridays. This is how First Fridaystheir website describes them:first-fridays-2.JPG

FIRST FRIDAY is a stage for local galleries and Las Vegas’ vital Downtown cultural scene. It’s a place to meet friends new and old, and rejoice in the preservation and innovation of an historical neighborhood. In this land of suburbs and strip malls, visitors come from near and far to people-watch, sample new restaurants and revel at area bars.

I have been four or five times, and there’s always something interesting at this festival. The city of Las Vegas has been pouring TONS of money into this newport-lofts.jpgSoho Lofts“revitalization” area. Some examples of that are two new high rise projects, Soho Lofts, and Newport lofts. These are going to be the first of many to come over the next 5-10 years. They’re predicting this area to be similar to the gas lamp district in San Diego. THAT would be amazing, but we have a little ways to go to get there. The area still needs a lot of gentrification, but it’s starting to change.

If you get a chance to go to First Friday, I would definitely take the opportunity. You’ll see interesting things, and the environment is gay friendly. In fact, there is a dive of a gay bar right around the corner called Snicks. Just remember it’s a DIVE, but fun. 🙂 Send me pictures of YOUR first friday.



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