Gay Bars in Las Vegas

Hey boys and girls. I thought this would be a good opportunity toRainbow Flap let everyone know about the gay bars here in Las Vegas. The gay community in Las Vegas is getting bigger and a little better every year. My personal preference is an actual bar, not so much on the clubs. BUT there’s a bit of something for everyone. I really enjoy playing pool with my partner so two places we go to have cheap drinks and fun are Spotlight and Buffalo. Spotlight is a total neighborhood bar, nothing flashy at all, but the people are very friendly. Todd, David, and Bill are great bartenders and they usually make the night a lot of fun. The other is the Buffalo. It’s in the middle of the “Fruit Loop” which is near UNLV on Paradise Rd. There is a bar for everyone, and I’ll continue to give you my humble reviews. 🙂



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