Las Vegas Real Estate Market

Woe is Me“Woe is me!”  That’s what a lot of sellers are saying right now.  But I’m saying this is an amazing time to buy!! Did you know there are over 27,000 Houses, Townhouses, and Condos in the Las Vegas Valley? Wow.  And HALF of those are vacant.   I’m getting deals for some of my clients right now that are fantastic!!  For example, I was able to get one of my clients into Silverado Ranch Las Vegasa brand new home in Silverado Ranch, which is a popular area in town.  The builder had the property listed at $505,000, but they offered to give $50,000 of upgrades for FREE and because I brought these clients  with a special promotional flyer I had, the builder threw in $40,000 for a pool.  Did everyone just hear that?  $90,000 in incentives!!  No seller can even compete.  So do you see the situation that causes for the sellers that need to sell?   I haven’t sold a resale in 6 months….yes 6 months. All of my escrows have been brand new homes because of the deals I’m getting for my clients.  Some of these sellers who need to sell are offering some great prices.   There are some great deals to be had right now.



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